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EAMbrace® Asset Lifecycle Management

  • How do you make asset procurement decisions?
  • Do you have complete inventory of physical assets in your organization?
  • Where are they located and who owns it and who is using it?
  • what is the TCO of every Asset?
  • Most importantly, are your assets effectively utilized?
  • Effectively managing different types of assets impacts Top and Bottom lines of an Organization. Every asset type has a life. Knowing where a particular asset is in its life at any given moment and if it is providing value to your business is key to effective Enterprise Asset Management. EAMbrace® Lifecycle Management enables you to plan and budget for replacements, retirement and other changes in an asset's lifecycle.

  • EAMbrace® Lifecycle Management improves the way your organization manages its assets and optimizes the way your assets perform across your entire enterprise. EAMbrace® helps you to plan and budget for procurement, maintenance, replacements, retirement and other changes in lifecycle of an asset. It provides number of unique capabilities to manage your physical and movable/ non- movable assets.


  • Responsibility/Function based user access
  • Workflow driven requisition and approval mechanism allows you to have complete control over procurement process in your organization
  • Modular yet integrated system supporting all Business functions surrounding an Asset
  • Supports all types and classifications of Assets under single application
  • Multiple Asset Tracking Mechanisms (Barcode, QR-Code, RFID, GPS)
  • Full-fledged Financial module to track aspects such as Capital Budgeting & planning, Asset costing & valuation, depreciation, CWIP, Compliance so on.
  • Extensive Maintenance and Repairs module supporting operations ranging from Asset Installation, ad-hoc as well as preventive maintenance.
  • Simple, intuitive interface, Workflow driven processes
  • Built-in as well as custom reports, graphical Executive dashboard & Analytics
  • Mobile interface on major Mobile platforms
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  • Plan and track Asset Acquisition costs
  • Track Asset Depreciation using method of your choice
  • Calculate and compare TCO (total cost of Ownership) of assets
  • Manage Service Contract SLAs on Asset - Vendor Accountability
  • Plan preventive maintenance to reduce repair cost and loss of productivity due to downtime
  • Schedule and manage asset compliances to avoid costly penalties or safety regulation breaches
  • Asset productivity
  • TCO calculations