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EAMbrace® Operations Management

  • It’s vital for Operations Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Shop Floor Manager to have access to timely and accurate information on various key indicators that are critical for delivering optimal performance and to ensure maximum efficiency. EAMbrace® - Operations Management Solutions is designed keeping in mind the same principle. EAMbrace® combines equipment data collection techniques with advanced analytics to give information vital for decision making process, on-demand or real time.

  • EAMbrace® - Operations Management Solution help you with your equipment planning, always so critical for any manufacturing setup. What’s more, it lets you plan asset utilization for a given period. Record data on actual utilization and compare them with your planned figures. Mobilize extra asset when production demand increases and de-mobilize them when production demand decreases. Record consumption data from various data sources and compare them with idle figures. Identify patterns and anomalies in your operations, reduce costs and increase overall efficiency.

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    • Monitor equipment consumption
    • Accurately measure asset utilization, identify gaps with planned figures
    • Anticipate and catch operational inaccuracies to improve overall efficiency
    • Reduce overheads cost
    • Detect asset under-performance and take corrective measures