EAMbrace® offers various pricing options based on:

Hosting Solutions

  • On-Premise - EAMbrace® will be installed on your server and will leverage your IT infrastructure
  • Hosted - Gaurik® will host and manage EAMbrace® on one of it's dedicated server on Gaurik® premises
  • SaaS/Cloud - EAMbrace® will be hosted on dedicated cloud for you at Gaurik®'s trusted cloud partners and offered as subscription/service

Customers can also price benefit from selections they make in EAMbrace®

  • Modules opted - There are 6 modules to select from. Though some core modules are mandatory, EAMbrace® is highly configurable and users can practically select any combination
    of modules that fit their business needs best
  • Number of Users
  • Number of Locations - You can choose which of your business locations you need EAMbrace® to be installed for
  • Number of Assets/Asset Classes - Choose assets or asset classes to be transacted in EAMbrace® that brings most value to your business

For more pricing details, please contact us at sales@gaurik.net or +1 (888) 308 0088 / +(91) 22 6166 8830/31