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EAMbrace® Linear Asset Management

  • Linear assets are roads, runways, expressways, sewage pipe lines, gas pipe lines, electrical transformers, rail tracks, telecoms lines etc. Linear asset can be defined as assets which are not specific to one single location and represent a network of asset which many times cross over with other networks and also have non-linear asset included in them. For e.g. sewage pipe line has sewage plat which is fixed to location attached to it.
  • Compared to non-linear assets management and maintenance of linear assets possess more challenge.

  • Linear Asset Management by EAMbrace® provides configurable solutions for management and maintenance of linear assets by providing features like linear asset planning vs actual, linear asset fencing.

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    • Tagging of non-linear assets to linear assets
    • Allows parallel & intersecting networks of linear assets
    • Planned downtime on networks
    • Maintenance analytics with Internet of Things and Big Data