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EAMbrace® ITAM

Effective IT Asset Management (ITAM) needs a solution beyond simple ability to scan/discover physical assets on the network. It also needs tracking of the physical, financial, and contractual information about the asset as it can change throughout the asset's life. It needs to factor in costs associated with the asset during its service life, involving install, move, add, and change processes (often referred to as IMAC). Among others, it also needs to record acquisition and disposal costs, which almost accounts for more than 20 percent of the asset’s TCO.

  • EAMbrace® ITAM plays a crucial role in helping IT add value to your enterprise growth strategy, going beyond providing mere utility value. Auto-discovery in EAMbrace® ITAM feature allows you to scan your IT assets, both hardware and software, in most non-invasive way without compromising organization’s Info-sec policies. By deploying different technological strategies, EAMbrace® Auto-discovery allows you track IT assets both on your LAN and ones that are not on it. Combined with its own Asset Lifecycle Management Solution, EAMbrace® ITAM enables you to maintain track of the physical, financial, and contractual information about every IT asset.

  • Features

    • Configurable to scan ALL machines specific to a domain or limited to pre-selected list of MAC ids.
    • Configurable to apply exclusion list (aka white list) for software on machines that are not required to be reported.
    • Create Un-approved Software report by comparing scanned list with pre-approved list of software.
    • Grouping various software components under a software suite with user-friendly drill down feature. (e.g. MS Office).
    • Complete Asset Lifecycle management to track and manage IT Asset like any other movable assets in the organization

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    • Helps to track every IP based IT asset in the organization with hardware and software details of that particular IT asset
    • Helps the verification of IT assets without a need of physical inventory
    • Restrict installation of pirated and unwanted software
    • Ensuring software license compliance
    • Keep track of asset ownership and transfers/handovers
    • Keep tab on configuration and installation with scheduled "declaration and verification" of asset
    • Drive down IT costs, increase service management efficiency, and reduce security and compliance risk
    • Single Source of Truth for tracking warranties, AMCs and contracts on assets