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EAMbrace® e-RFQ (Electronic Request for Quotation)

  • In many organization requisition and procurement process is automated but asking quotation for vendors, comparing them one different parameters to make comparison sheet for approving authority, negotiation and selection of right vendor is still a manual process which takes lots of time and also in the end their might be a chance that you might buy some product/service at higher rates because you missed some vendors who was providing same for less price.
  • e-RFQ (Electronic Request for Quotation) solution by EAMbrace® automates this process to which enables organization to procure right product/services from right vendor at right price thus saving lot of capital expenditure along with time.
  • e-RFQ solutions allows organization to send as pre-defined email to all registered vendors with a single click which will include the product/services which organization needs to procures. Vendor can put their prices, promised delivery date, buy back price, payment terms, delivery terms in that email. e-RFQ solutions captures this data given by vendor automatically and provides a comparison sheet based on different parameters like price, delivery date, payment terms etc. Organization can select few vendors from the total responses received for negotiation thus enabling organization to select right vendor for required product/service.

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    • Automatic captures of vendor response to provide comparison sheet.
    • Attach vendor quotation as PDF, emails, words etc.
    • Send comparison sheet to approving authority along with actual quotation through system
    • Select appropriate vendor to generate PO through Procurement Module of EAMbrace®
    • Keeps track of all the responses for each e-RFQ for future references