EAMbrace® News

March 2018

Solicis Lex has been able to make great strides towards a paperless office by using the EAMbrace® Legal Office solution. All the legal matters – both litigation and non-litigation – can be tracked through this solution and provides visibility to the management at the click of a button.

February 2018

Expo Freight needed to get automation and control in their procurement and asset management processes, particularly in the light of GST regulations. EAMbrace® has provided them with these capabilities, thereby making the GST return filing process very simple.

January 2018

Balaji Telefilms needed to generate invoices of various types in an auditable manner for their TV channel customers. EAMbrace® provided a customized solution to meet the needs with a perfect balance of automation and manual control.

January 2018

With over 280 branches, Saraswat Bank needed both centralized and de-centralized controls and efficiencies for the procurement process. They also needed to get GST compliant. EAMbrace® Procurement solution provides them the capabilities necessary. Integration with their Core Banking Solution makes the payment process very simple and efficient. Managing assets across so many locations has also been streamlined now, with better visibility and controls.

June 2017

Due to decentralized and ad-hoc procurement processes, Xoriant was not getting the most optimal pricing from their vendors. Also, a lot of manual work was needed and the procurement cycle was very long. By using EAMbrace® Procurement solution, Xoriant was able to get economies of scale as well as significantly shorten the procurement cycle. Asset management was also not optimal and keeping track of who has what assets was tedious and not up-to-date. EAMbrace® Asset Management solution resolved these problems.

February 2017

EAMbrace® provides a robust asset management system at Colombia Asia Hospitals addressing many of their Functional and Reporting needs as well as issues mentioned here.

December 2016

EAMbrace® empowers ITD with Accurate Reporting and absolute visibility of asset data.

November 2016

PNG Jewellers chose EAMbrace® Solution and Services for employing efficient asset operations.

August 2016

Transformation delivered in three weeks, at Ritchiebros, Uganda.

July 2016

EAMbrace® enables Japanese chemical giant, Sumitomo Chemicals, to go paperless!

June 2016

The global delivery expert, Aramex, chose EAMbrace® to help steer its asset management activities at its 100+ locations across India.

May 2016

EAMbrace® helps a young pharmaceutical enterprise manage its growth!

October 2015

EAMbrace® - Enterprise Asset Management now helps CarWale to manage their 5000+ Assets across 80 locations, pan India.

September 2015

Aditya Birla Group, a Fortune 500 company, chose EAMbrace® - Enterprise Management Solutions to automate their Requisition Process.

A US $41 billion corporation, the Aditya Birla Group is in the League of Fortune 500. Anchored by an extraordinary force of over 120,000 employees, belonging to 42 nationalities.

The HO in Mumbai-India, gets voluminous requests for asset requisition each day. This entire process was done manually on papers which was very time consuming, effort intensive and un-organized. Moreover, it was difficult to follow these paper requests throughout its approval cycle and often resulted in delayed processing and at times misplacement.

EAMbrace® was put in place to help Aditya Birla Group go paperless. Thanks to the easy configuration mechanism, EAMbrace® could be perfectly aligned with their current processes. This includes, having seven different workflows with individual processing trails. The Alerts module ensures timely intimation and utmost visibility throughout the process flow. Lastly, this proposed system is to be integrated with their existing SAP allowing real time data exchange between the two systems.

Ease of use, Configurable, Seamless Integration and Swift Implementation Approach were amongst the reasons for this Fortune 500 conglomerate decided to go with EAMbrace® - Enterprise Asset Management Solution.

August 2015

Smith & Nephew, a 150 yr old British Healthcare Enterprise, automated their Asset Management operations using EAMbrace® .

Smith & Nephew is a diversified advanced medical technology business that supports healthcare professionals in more than 100 countries to improve the quality of life for their patients. India it has a vast network of Dealers, Hospitals and Medical Professional who rely on S&N for its medical supplies, specifically in the Orthopaedic, Endoscopic, Trauma and Advance Wound Management domains.

S&N was in need of a mechanism which could help them create Medical Set (BOM – Bill of Material) consisting of various medical apparatus/tools as per a pre-defined master or on-demand. EAMbrace® - Enterprise Asset Management provided them with the platform that not only enabled Set Creation but also managed to systematize the process of Set Definition.

Set Creation was just the tip of the ice-burg. These Sets and Individual Equipment’s are dispatched to its networked medical professionals pan India. Given the vast geography and numbers in which item are dispatched, it was a mammoth task for S&N to manage these activities and thereby ensuring cent percent fulfilment. Lifecycle module of EAMbrace® help them automate and centralize their manually managed process like Requisition, Procurement, Transfers and Returns thus streamlining their entire operation.

EAMbrace® Cloud platform enabled their Network Medical Professionals to monitor their supplies from S&N with provisions to track them on dispatch and Returns.

With EAMbrace® now at the heart of its operations, fixed asset management is no less of a pain area for this multi-billion dollar organization.

EAMbrace® - Finance and Depreciation Module was incorporated to take care of their auditing and compliance thus making us the one-stop solution to all their Fixed Asset Management Needs.

The holistic approach of EAMbrace® - Enterprise Asset Management Solution helps Smith & Nephew to delivery their promise of improving peoples’ live.

July 2015

The world's second-largest shipping line uses EAMbrace® for smooth sailing of their Fixed Assets’ activities.

A Privately owned, world renowned, global shipping organization which is operating a network of over 480 offices in 150 countries and have established a fleet of 465 container vessels, with global sailing schedules covering 200 routes uses EAMbrace® for smooth sailing of their Fixed Assets’ activities.

The company chose EAMbrace® to simplify their tasks of Asset Requisition (with Email synchronization), Procurement, Acquisition, Multi-Location Bulk Transfers.. EAMbrace® did deliver! Our Asset Lifecycle module with Alerts, made their asset lifecycle activities effortless. Now RFQ process is swift, transparent and more organized, thanks to our exclusive ‘e-RFQ’ feature that empowered business users with capabilities like electronic request for quotations, real time vendor revert, vendor comparison, email notifications and more.

Our Asset Maintenance module with Preventive Maintenance capabilities helped smoothen their maintenance operations thereby ensuring a significant reduced Downtime of Assets and increased Asset performance thus resulting in reduction of capital expenditures and replacements.

With EAMbrace® now at the heart of its operations, fixed asset management is no less of a pain area for this multi-billion dollar organization.

April 2015

With EAMbrace® - Enterprise Asset Management Solution, Tasty-Bite Eatables achieved optimised asset performance throughout the organization.

One of the leading Ready-to-Eat food brands in USA, founded in 1995, features all-natural Indian & Asian ready to eat cuisine, available in every state in the USA and sold in most major grocery chains in the international/Asian foods aisle.

By implementing EAMbrace®- Enterprise Asset Management Solution at its corporate office and manufacturing facility in Western Part of India, they streamlined and automated many processes throughout their internal departments and teams.

With EAMbrace® Asset Lifecycle module, the company now can efficiently organize and manage Asset Requisition, Procurement, Acquisition, Tracking, Verification, Installation and Retirement. By leveraging our Preventive Maintenance and Break-fix Maintenance functionality, the company reduced their Asset Downtime considerably along with remarkable improvement and optimization of asset performance and thereby reduced their total cost of asset ownership.

Having our Finance Module at the core, calculating double shift and triple shift depreciation, with new Companies Act 2013, has been an effortless activity as never before.

Having seamlessly integrated EAMbrace® with their existing ERP, we improved the way they manage their Fixed Assets and optimized asset performance across their entire organization.

September 2014

Symbiosis chooses EAMbrace® to manage its 50+ Facilities.

Symbiosis International University, is a leading education institute based in the Indian cities of Pune, Nasik, Hyderabad, Noida and Bangalore comprises of 43 institutes offering a total of 71 programmes with 117 courses in diverse disciplines. It has students who hail from all states of India and 75 different countries. This Education Institute is known to be a Multicultural, Multi lingual and Multinational institution.

Institute campuses based in the above cities are more of a mini township on its own. The campuses consists of various Academic Buildings, Hostels, Libraries, University Office, Bank Buildings, Canteens, Mess & Dining, Cafeterias, Indoor Sports Center, Health Center, Recreational Facilities, Sports Amenities, Sports Ground, Auditorium, Staff Quarters, Staff Bungalow, Water supply Tanks, Water Purification Setup, Pump Room, DG & Transformer Rooms etc.

This Institute faced several key challenges:

• Efficiently maintain all equipment, utilities, facilities and assets.

• Meet all maintenance requirements including water supply equipment within current budgets.

• Integrate data between EAM and other systems.

• Provide Space and Infrastructure Management.

With EAMbrace®, The Institute team was able to meet these challenges. Implementation began by identifying business processes involving the greatest change for Institute. With help of built-in workflow capabilities to automate routine tasks, a simple facility management module was rolled out. This Education Institute has seen numerous benefits in addition to the cost savings and productivity improvements. This Education Institute improved its processes by easily configuring its system to follow maintenance best practices. It increased overall energy efficiency and maintenance productivity. Institute also saw quick user adoption through ease of use, improved visibility and helpful tools for managers such as dashboards showing key performance indicators.

EAMbrace® helped this institute in providing better visibility of Hostel floor plans and physical assets to perform moves/adds/ changes, supporting consolidation activities for better management of space and energy within their facilities. Institute was benefited by understanding space utilization, better use of existing space, more strategic rental and lease decisions and ultimately lower the occupancy cost per square foot. EAMbrace® helps in Support consolidation activities like tracking occupancy and student data Understanding available and used space within a building by department, function or individual. By using regulatory reporting and compliance modules the users created, scheduled and executed transfers, Streamlining the process of relocating people and assets; reducing the time and cost of executing individual or group transfers. This helped in Supporting additional headcount allocation and on-boarding activities.

EAMbrace® also helped this leading Education Institute across India to dynamically track mechanical, electrical, plumbing, gas lines and electrical data. Quick access to information about the building infrastructure, such as locating shut-off valves; locating service zones on a floor, and tracing telephone or LAN cabling. They were able to achieve its business continuity by Electronic documentation of asset, location and occupancy data, allowing disaster recovery and improved up-time and availability of services.

April 2014

Disney protects its Billion dollar Assets with EAMbrace®.

The Walt Disney Company, the world's largest media conglomerate, with $81B in assets encompassing movies, television, publishing, and theme parks has selected EAMbrace® Asset Management to manage its production and facility assets.

EAMbrace® was selected from an extremely competitive field of contenders for its solid architecture, inbuilt security and productivity tools like workflow, alerts and document management as well as its comprehensive asset lifecycle and MRO management functionality.

EAMbrace® leverages its inherent flexibility with 300+ parameters to provide an agile solution to Disney. It will allow for a customized solution to manage asset movement, handle checklist generation and securely track Disney’s stage-props and other inventory through gate pass printing across all its production facilities.

March 2014

EAMbrace® helps Sanofi Pharmaceuticals save lives.

Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, a French conglomerate and global healthcare leader has selected EAMbrace® as a front-end Asset Management solution for its ERP.

Despite being a late contender and facing Tier-1 competition, Sanofi realized the critical importance of implementing an integrated state-of-the-art solution and selected EAMbrace® for its comprehensive ability to plug the holes and tackle the weaknesses of the existing ERP. As a result, Sanofi will be poised to ensure that its drugs are cost-effectively and rapidly delivered to reach its market, combating diseases and savings lives.

Feb 2014

EAMbrace® goes stronger on Dashboard and Reporting.

EAMbrace® understands that reports and dashboard are crucial to any organization in decision-making. EAMbrace® has heard its customers’ demands loud and clear…
The new version now comes with robust, function-rich, yet simple to use report builder that lets the power users build reports and dashboards of any complexity with greater ease. What more, its proprietary engine allows graphs and pie charts included in reports as needed and publish them for rest of the user community. This is over and above 50+ built-in reports that already come in bundle.

Jan 2014

Orient Technologies upgrades to EAMbrace® Asset Management.

Orient Technologies, a leading Systems Integrator that designs backbone networks and manages mission-critical IT infrastructure and applications for top-tier commercial clients, has selected EAMbrace®, the comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management solution to assist in running their service operations.

EAMbrace® will replace an existing legacy ITAM solution and Orient Technologies will leverage superior Lifecycle, Inventory, Finance, Warranty, AMC and Workflow modules of EAMbrace® to ensure that it exceeds SLA commitments to its end-clients, many of whom have agreed to directly interface with EAMbrace® to log service-call incidents.

Oct 2013

EAMbrace® mobile version released today.

Director of Professional Services, today announced the release of mobile interface for ‘EAMbrace®’. Speaking on the occasion he said, ‘We are confident this mobile version will enable the business executives to stay connected with EAMbrace® functionality. Asset Query, Asset lifecycle management, Service management are some of the key features of the mobile interface. This interface is targeted for the ‘iOS’ and ‘android’ user base.

July 2013

Leading BFSI now manages assets using EAMbrace®.

ICICI Prudential Co., a leading financial institutions today successfully competed ‘EAMbrace®’ implementation. Migration of data from legacy systems, matching the depreciation in legacy and EAMbrace®, User training, eliminating the inefficiencies of Assets management were some of the major challenges in this implementation, said AVP-IT. ICICI prudential. “EAMbrace® functionality and ‘Ease-of-Use ‘were unmatched by the competition, he commented. The efforts taken by the implementation team to meet the project timelines were appreciated by the ICICI business and I.T. teams.

May 2013

EAMbrace® successfully implemented in logistics major.

Jeena & Co, One of the oldest logistics companies in India today successfully implemented ‘EAMbrace®’ to manage its enterprise assets across multiple locations and business units. – Head-IT, Jeena & co commented “EAMbrace® functionality, Ease of Use, Technologically advanced platform, Inbuilt productivity tools scored well over the local and global EAM players. The EAMbrace® implementation team ensured the product delivered as promised. Jeena & Co is upbeat on controlling the asset base spread across multiple locations using EAMbrace®.

March 2013

Leading Indian I.T. MNC selects ‘EAMbrace®’ for its mega Utilities Company.

A top I.T. company today selected ‘EAMbrace®’ to manage the enterprise assets of a top utilities company of India. This selection came after a stringent evaluation carried out by its functional and technical teams. The easy integration capability of EAMbrace® with leading I.T. and ERP systems played an important role in the evaluation. The implementation is expected to get over in next two months.